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Just finished posting a new NCIS story on Ao3. Got some nice reviews, had some great discussions with other fans. Episode tag, as usual. Something Gibbs said hit all of my 'Quit Poking Tony with a Stick' buttons.

I've been slowly posting it on fanfic as well. Somewhere along the line I'd forgotten how truly weird people can be on that site. Honestly, if I start a fic and don't like the major theme, I hit that "back" button and pick something else. I certainly don't take the time to read up to ten chapters and then send a long, rambling review about how stupid the author is or how the characters wouldn't act like that. One guy told me Tony was supposed to be a funny character and that I should look up 'funny' and learn how to write it.

I'll admit, I laughed.

But here's the one that stopped me in my tracks. Made me look again.

"I wonder:You use a 20 year old picture for your avatar. Pleade. Give it up. You're wishing for something that just DOESN'T EXIST. Boo hoo."

Um. Okay. My avatar on fanfic is a floppy-haired, early season Daniel Jackson because he's ADORABLE. What does that say about me? Or my NCIS fic? that I'm a Stargate fan? Yeah. Haven't changed my avatar there in ... EVER ... because why?

I don't get it, people! Why do some readers take the time to read up through chapter 10 of a fic if they are not fans of the theme/pairing/trope that is at the heart of the fic? I sure don't. I don't seek out Jack/Sam fic just to rip at the writer. Or let's make Gibbs into a tiger/centaur/vampire fic and then tell the writer, "this is not how that character would react in this situation!"

Now, I have gotten a lot of very nice, very uplifting, and very discussion-starting reviews. But, geesh. Sometimes, I wonder...

Date: 2015-05-05 02:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] annejack
'hugs you' Some people just like to be nasty at any given opportunity. Still... this is truly weird, isn't it? 'shakes head'

Date: 2015-05-06 01:11 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] tanis
I had one at who ripped me a new one over my Disclaimer, because I said the story was the intellectual property of the author. I specifically said the characters and the settings belong to yadda yadda - but the story itself belongs to me. I was informed I was not only ripping off the original author, I was an egotistical donkey's behind. Floored me! It being a guest review I just deleted it, but really --- they read the entire story and wanted to give me crap about my DISCLAIMER?

Like Anne, I think there are those who peruse all the fan fic sites just to be ugly. And strangely enough, they RARELY leave a way to follow them back to respond to their ugliness, leaving one feeling impotent and equally strangely revved. I had a long conversation - in my head - with this person about the time it takes to come up with an idea, develop it, and then get it out of my head and out to a place where others can share in the joy of creation. Though the nastiness in the note stayed with me for weeks afterward.

The mentality escapes me.

Date: 2015-05-06 05:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] annejack
It's just so... rude and at the same time I think: Really, is your life this boring or awful or empty that you spend actual time to read a fic, then write to the author to rip her a new one about something that has nothing to do with the actual fic or just to tell the author that they hate the pairing/kidfic/hurt and comfort bla bla bla... which has all been made clear in the header? It really escapes me why someone would waste time to be nasty just because... 'passes around bacon and wine'


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