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A Movie I Love: Arrival
An Action Movie I Love: Die Hard
A Drama I Love: A Beautiful Mind
A Western I Love: Does Serenity count? Space Western? If not, The Magnificent Seven
A Horror Movie I Love: Not my thing, but The Skeleton Key was good.
A Comedy I Love: Christmas Vacation. Still hilarious.
A Romance Movie I Love: Love, Actually
A Noir I Love: Gaslight
A Disney Movie I Love: The Black Cauldron
A Sci Fi Movie I Love: Stargate. Double duh.
An Animated Movie I Love: How to Train Your Dragon
A Superhero Movie I Love: The Avengers
A War Movie I Love: Again, not my thing. The Great Escape
An Exploitation Movie I Love: Googled this and I've not nothing. Unless we can count any SyFy "original" movie, and then I'll vote Mega Snake. For Shanks.
A Musical I Love: Singin' in the Rain
An Historical Movie I Love: Braveheart
A Bad Movie I Love: Day of the Triffids
A Childhood Favorite: The Wizard of Oz
A Shakespeare Movie I Love: Hamlet. Olivier.
A Franchise I Love: Star Trek
A Trilogy I Love: The Lord of the Rings
A Guilty Pleasure I Love: Harry Potter. Anything up to and including Order of the Phoenix.
A Movie Recently Seen: Wonder Woman isn't out yet! Neither is Legend of the Sword! Can't wait!
My Favorite of This Year: Hidden Figures. SO GOOD!
A Favorite of All Time: The Matrix


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